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What is the dash cover for?

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Protects the dash of your car from burnout, overheating and freezing. Reduces the temperature in the passenger compartment.
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Prevents discoloration, deformation and cracking of the dash.
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Eliminates glare from the sun and oncoming light at night, which improves the visibility of objects on the road (stones, pits, etc.) preventing road accidents.
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Essential for contact lens wearers. Stops the flow of hot air to the face (eyes), preventing the lenses from drying out.
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Gives the interior an aesthetic look, decorates the interior of the car
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A great gift for any driver.

Why we must don't have to let a dashboard to heat?

When the dashboard is heated, the plastic releases benzene.

It is a toxin that provokes the appearance of cancer.

It can affect to the kidneys, liver, lungs.

Here is the simple installation video

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